The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B)

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With over 40 stories to choose from, this stunning collection has something for everyone.

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Celebrating women's fiction in all its guises, take a look at the latest storie From penniless runaway -- to Cinderella bride At first Patrick thinks the secretive runaway is a thief--or wor Natasha Lambert is a stylish career girl who's horrified by what she has to wear as her best friend's bridesmaid! Worse, the best man is Kazim al Saraq--an infuriatingly charming sheikh with a dazzling wit and an o Sir Philip Hardesty, a negotiator for the United Nations, is famed for his cool head.

But for the first time in his life, this never-ruffled English aristocrat is getting hot under the collar -- over a woman! Kit Romaine is not eas Supermodel Jemima Dare needs to get away from it all. Traveling incognito, she flees to a Caribbean paradise in search of peace. But there's no peace to be found with Niall Blackthorne around! Dominic Templeton-Burke needs a mistress A glamorous girl on Dom's arm will get him the publicity to fund his next expedition.

The Hiding Place

And supermodel Jemima Dare is just the woman! Jemima needs a double She can't possibly work, but she can't afford From a war of words -- to wedding vows! Pepper is rendered uncharacteristically speechless when she encounters brilliant Oxford college master Steven Konig in a live TV debate. The man is gorgeous but infuriatingly provocative, and Pepper is stunn Everyone thought she was a party girl Zoe Brown seemed the ultimate city girl.

Her friends thought she was a "hot babe," keeping men -- and jobs -- on a short lease. Zoe didn't dare reveal that she wasn't a vamp -- she was a virgin! But had she His pretend princess! Conrad Domitio likes to keep his title of Crown Prince of Montessuro a secret. After all, it doesn't affect his life in England. Or at least not until his grandfather calls to say his country needs him -- and that he'd better The bridesmaid and the tycoon Bella Carew is dreading going home to England for her sister's wedding!

In New York she has a glamorous job, a whole new circle of friends.

Best of all, nobody knows anything about her love life Gil de la Co The heiress and the playboy Annis Carew knows why most men are attracted to her -- her father's money! But with gorgeous Kosta Vitale she feels her ice-queen crown is slipping Maybe because Moving in with a millionaire! Emilio Diz, born on the wrong side of Buenos Aires, was now a tall, dark, irresistible millionaire. And he needed a woman -- the right kind of woman -- in his life Abby, aka Lady Abi A secret wedding!

Holly Dent needs protection -- but Jack Armour's suggestion isn't quite what she had in mind.

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Although they've only just met, Jack insists the best way to keep Holly safe is by making her his wife! He claims his motives are purel Yet she finds her cool facade cracking as the irresistible Amer el-Barbary woos her under the velvet Nile sky. Sexy, sophisticated -- and single Wealthy Nikolai Ivanov was highly dubious about the provocative young woman his aunt had taken into her luxurious Notting Hill home.

Wayward one second then tantalizingly seductive the next, Lisa Romaine both i For eight years she has been running away from the memory of a Caribbean night when being blonde and gorgeous did her no good at all. She is certainly not going to trade on Enter one very disruptive next-door neighbor, Kate Marriott, who takes invasion At first he had seem The Mystery Man! Christina Howard knows there's no knight in shining armor waiting to rescue her. The only way for a girl to be free is to pay her own way. So when a handsome stranger offers to help her out Christina can't help being suspicious.

Sven Hedberg make a full recovery from an accident was not Gaby Hyssop's idea of fun, especially when she realized I'd have to go with summer - you can't beat the long days of sunshine and all the BBQs! Summer all the way! Waking up to sunlight, long evenings Here's hoping the warm September continues! It's all about Autumn for me - the changing colours, great seasonal food and that fresh but sunny weather.

Plus, of course, I can break out the opaque tights again which takes hours off the grooming! What do you think is the most Romantic city in the world?

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To me, the most romantic city is Savannah, Georgia. The history and beauty make it a romantic place to watch a sunset, take a stroll hand in hand, or just sit and watch the day go by ;. The medieval city of Verona at New Year has a truly magical quality with its cobbled streets festooned in twinkling fairy lights. On a romantic evening stroll around the ramparts, you can hear the sound of the river that wraps around the city and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Secret squares overlooked by half-timbered houses, street markets, haunting music from buskers and Italian joie de vivre all make Verona a city for lovers. Anne Marie Becker. No Exit. Big Easy Evil. Seeing is Believing.

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Lindsay McKenna. The Coldest Fear. Cynthia Eden. Shadow of Vengeance.

Dark Deeds. Every Waking Moment. Dark Water Rising. Ultimate Prey. Mimosa Grove. Deadly Bonds.

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Out of the Dark. Take the Key and Lock Her Up. Silent Scream. Karen Harper. Dark Storm. American Duchess. Forbidden Ground Cold Creek, Book 2. Drowning Tides South Shores, Book 2. Shattered Secrets Cold Creek, Book 1. Falling Darkness South Shores, Book 3. Chasing Shadows. The Royal Nanny. Shallow Grave South Shores, Book 4. Upon a Winter's Night. Dark Crossings. Mistress Shakespeare. Return to Grace. The Last Boleyn.

Broken Bonds Cold Creek, Book 3. The First Princess of Wales. The Queen's Governess. Still Waters. Mistress of Mourning. The It Girls.

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India’s first Mills & Boon author Milan Vohra blends romance with music in her new book, 'Our Song'

The Irish Princess. The Queene's Cure. The Twylight Tower. The Covered Bridge. Love in the Midnight Sun. Debbie Macomber. The Choice. How to write a great review.

The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B) The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B)
The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B) The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B)
The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B) The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B)
The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B) The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B)
The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B) The Hiding Place (Mills & Boon M&B)

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