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It was a huge tome, but I was engrossed and used to read it during my breaks at work. Shannon Airport. I created this Blue Goblin, in homage to his imagination, vision and overwhelming talent.

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The frame is wood, covered in paper and painted a shimmering gold colour. The black velvet type background frames the head itself, which is made from clay, covered with paper and painted with shimmering paints in blue, violet, gold and copper.

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The ears are made from paper and sport battle scars, or rather they are both missing chunks of ear, bitten off in savage battle. As Goblins like to adorn themselves with jewelery, I have added three metal rings, covered in paper and painted gold. The eyes both have a glittered green background and white Iris.

The pupil is a circle of black paper. One of the eyes has a more exaggerated droop to the eyelid than does the other. The eyebrows are bushy and jut out over the eyes. The hair is of similar texture and is copper and gold coloured. The nose is prominent and mis-shapen and leads onto the mouth, which houses jagged and vicious teeth, all but obscured by glittering yellow froth and drool.

The chin is also prominent. The head is emerging from the frame in a very threatening manner. Goblins are generally not impressive creatures. They are short, weak, foul-tempered, and cowardly.

the blue goblin

If not for their great numbers and incredible fecundity, the other humanoid races would have wiped them out long ago. But some goblins are born different than their brethren -- with blue-tinged skin, smooth foreheads, and a strange gleam of intelligence in their eyes. These goblins are known simply as "blues. Goblins fear and loathe a lot of things.

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But some survive to adulthood, becoming paragons of their race and an unanticipated threat to other humanoid and goblinoid races. Few have studied the blues in depth, and a lot of disagreement exists about their origins and means of creation. Some say they are the chosen sons of Magubliyet, who have been set by the goblin deity to ensure that his followers hold dominion over the world.

Others say these goblins are throwbacks to a long forgotten time when psionic goblins were the world's dominant race, before their strange and evil experiments sent their entire species spinning into the forms they exist in today. Still others say the blues represent the next step in the growth of goblin-kind. Lolo Binqi is once such goblin.

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Born to the favored mate of the leader of his tribe, he found himself protected from the quick death that the tribe members intended for him because of his strange appearance. Thus shielded from infanticide, Lolo grew up on the fringes of goblin society.

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Weak and small, even by goblin standards, Lolo would have been the frequent target of abuse, were it not for the strange powers he began to manifest. One bully who thought Lolo would be an easy target found his hair set on fire. Others learned to give the blue goblin a wide berth.

The Blue Goblin

Soon, Lolo took to amusing his peers by setting other goblins on fire. He quickly attracted a wide following among the tribe members, and, when his father died, Lolo immediately moved to seize power. Once his grip on leadership of the tribe was solid, Lolo first moved to collect all the blues born to those under his command.

Though blue births are infrequent, the goblin species' high birth rate allowed Lolo to collect a considerable number of blue offspring from his tribe. Freed from the threat of infanticide, these children trained to become Lolo's personal guards.

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Now, surrounded by a private force of psionic goblins, Lolo Binqi is turning his eye toward conquest. He believes that the blues are the key to his plans of world domination, and he intends to first unite all goblin tribes under his banner so he can protect their psionic offspring and bring them into his psionic army. I threw away the blue goblin key Ask questions, share hints or chat in general about Eschalon: Book I. Is there any way to get past the black stone in citadel anymore?

It doesn't actually matter what colour the Goblin keys are, as long as you have 4 no more, no less of them. Sometimes the dragon wins Help save the earth. Second time I got the dialog but then his chest was empy already. I got the widget.

The Blue Goblin The Blue Goblin
The Blue Goblin The Blue Goblin
The Blue Goblin The Blue Goblin
The Blue Goblin The Blue Goblin
The Blue Goblin The Blue Goblin
The Blue Goblin The Blue Goblin
The Blue Goblin The Blue Goblin

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