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Stand beside

Additionally, the importance of a Stand Down and its success in emphasizing project safety is now a part of the messaging shared in our safety training programs with small and minority contractors.

But the real success of the event lies in the collaborative nature of all involved. In addition to the contractors who choose to participate, it is the support of the local OSHA representatives who work very closely with the Safety Committee. And it is the willingness of the service and equipment providers that bring much of the safety training to life. All of them committed to every worker, every day, arriving safely home.

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And finally… Water. For those of us who are fortunate to only have to be outside for short periods, it is a worthwhile message.

In light of that, let me unpack what I think the girls were being asked. I have added a fourth, knowing when to Stand down - acknowledging that perhaps the initial intent has not been achieved and it may be wise to acknowledge that and change tact altogether. This is your essence as a leader; your values, your goals, your compass points. Knowing what you stand for and standing up for it not only assists in the journey towards self-realisation but also in achieving the collective goals or mission of the group, characterised best when leading others on a journey with you. Trust is also a fundamental pillar of any definition of leadership.

To sit or to sit down/ To stand or to stand up

It inspires and demonstrates two-way confidence. For the best leaders, developing people is a goal of leadership in and of itself. It is a way of being. Leveraging these behaviours in your daily interactions with the people around you can only build trust and confidence in your leadership. When this comes around it is usually the result of a leader standing up for what they believe in and being able to articulate it to others, inspiring them to follow. Think of the musical accompaniment. It enhances, backs and supports.

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It does not dominate or overwhelm. Sometimes leadership simply requires you to listen, to support, to accompany - to stand beside someone when they need it most.

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As a leader, you are ultimately responsible for the decisions you make or the direction you take. No decision is going to please everyone, nor should it be designed to do so. Conversely, no decision should be made which isolates or marginalises individuals or groups for the sake of pleasing the majority.

Both examples descend into populist leadership. When making critical decisions, it is important to ensure that they align with your overall principles.

Stand-Down: A Useful Agile Ceremony

The easy decision is not always the best - heard that before? The easy decision may get you out of a temporary fix, but rarely provides sustained success or growth. Most leaders would realise that. Following on, saying sorry, admitting mistakes or oversights - they can be the most humbling and difficult things to do in front of your peers, colleagues or employees.

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That is why it tends to be so rare. Human nature tends to want to take credit for success but run a mile in the midst of failure, or worse, blame others.

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Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down Stand Up Stand Down
Stand Up Stand Down

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