Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book

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Will Carissa get her wish come true? Find out as Carissa cares for Emma Chapter Book Each book in this series represents a different month of the school year and during each month Cat, a 12 year old 4th grader, takes on a different cat sitting job. At the same time, each month Cat's teacher teaches the class a different All elementary age kids will love the Cat Sitter Series of books. When Cat takes the job as pet sitter for a black bombay cat during the month of October, one of the boys at school taunts her with tales that black bombay cats are cursed.

When Cat alm When Rachel attends the Annual Dicken's On Main event in Boerne, Texas she is surprised and pleased to end up sharing the weekend with a handsome Houston newspaper writer who wants to write about the event as seen through her eyes. As their relations Shelby is a young girl of 13 who grows into womanhood 18, and learns that the church across the river has much more to offer her life than the beautiful sound of the ringing bells that Mamma loved so much. As she develops in her relationship with Je Have you ever dreamed about being a pirate? When a silly group of pirates invite Toby to join them, Toby thinks he wants to be a pirate too, until he starts wondering what pirates do.

Once he learns about stealing, drinking grog, and missing Mother's Bonnie can not believe that her step brother has lost the entire estate to "Lord Black Storm. Lord "Black Storm" believes that he has won The town of Waterhole, Texas thought they were hiring a new sheriff. But when four young women toting rifles show up in town to fill the position, Mark Carlin doesn't know if he should be protecting them, or allowing them to protect the town. Yet whe When Jane steps into the old antique store to look at the lovely Christmas Village, she can only dream of living in a wonderful place like that.

But when the owner of the store encourages her to make a wish over the village, she is swept away to a pl We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement. Book List: 42 titles.

Cooking Up Christmas. Family history and sibling loyalty are strong themes in this engaging conclusion. Clayton Byrd adores his grandfather, loves the jazz Cool Papa plays with the other bluesmen in the park; Clayton wants to be a musician, too. But when Cool Papa Byrd dies suddenly, Clayton is overcome with grief.

Clayton tries to join the park bluesmen but instead finds a different kind of music with a gang of street kids in the New York subway. Likeable characters populate this fast-paced novel. Joyce is years old with all the recognizable ups and downs of adolescence. She finally comes to terms with herself and others when she finds expression through dance though not the ballet she thought she wanted.

Lyle and his friends Marilla and Dave are the Qwikpick Adventure Society, three kids who seek out big adventures in their seemingly quiet hometown. Tour a sewage plant?


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Break into an abandoned research facility to spot a rat with a human face? But their third exploit just might be their most daring yet.

Badly injured from the piranha fight, the duo have no ship, no guns, no money, no food, no water A retelling of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi like you've never experienced before, infusing the iconic, classic tale of good versus evil with a unique perspective and narrative style. Then Lerner accidentally discovers that her pet worm Fip eats paper — with startling results.

When he eats a word, that item simply disappears from the world, forever.

Richard Aldington: Death of a Hero (1929)

Now that Lerner knows about Fip's magic, she has some extraordinary powers of her own. Lerner soon discovers that extraordinary power brings extraordinary responsibility. When her father begins a long-distance romance with a Washington, D. It all begins when Alexander H. Gory Jr. Penrose, is a vampire. Soon the entire class is speculating and adding their opinions to the notebook until It turns out that Mrs. Penrose has been keeping a secret: she is expecting a baby. But since the notebook is encouraging her students to write and improving their spelling and grammar, Mrs.

Penrose allows it to continue circulating. The notebook becomes a terrific place for jokes, poems, stories and the correspondence between the students and their favorite author.

The Orphan Train

Two very different high school students discover a mutual appreciation for writing songs for the guitar. Tripp Broody has lost a lot; his father died and his best friend moved away and he doesn't really connect with people. In contrast, Lyla Marks is perfect. She gets good grades, her teachers love her, and she plays the cello beautifully.

Forced to share a music practice room on alternating days at school, they start a pen-pal-like exchange daily that leads to a musical collaboration that promises to change both of their lives forever. Many chapters are structured as Tripp's and Lyla's notes, giving readers a unique vantage point into their burgeoning friendship. Stunning mixed-media images by Ekua Holmes, winner of a Caldecott Honor and a John Steptoe New Talent Illustrator Award, complete the celebration and invite the reader to listen, wonder, and perhaps even pick up a pen.

Dennis Ouyang struggles with the burden of his dead father's orders that he study hard, go to med school, and become a gastroenterologist. When Dennis, inspired by four mysterious angels, gives up his passion—video games—and buckles down to his studies, he befriends three fellow second-generation students and begins to make a place in med school. But a crisis in confidence reveals the true nature of his guardian angels, and the real source of his father's dreams for his only son. The first is of Little Bao, a Chinese peasant boy whose village is abused and plundered by Westerners claiming the role of missionaries.

Little Bao, inspired by visions of the Chinese gods, joins a violent uprising against the Western interlopers. Against all odds, their grass-roots rebellion is successful. But in the second volume, Yang lays out the opposite side of the conflict. A girl whose village has no place for her is taken in by Christian missionaries and finds, for the first time, a home with them.

As the Boxer Rebellion gains momentum, Vibiana must decide whether to abandon her Christian friends or to commit herself fully to Christianity.

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Ghost wants to be the fastest sprinter on his elite middle school track team, but his past is slowing him down. The boys are in for lots of surprises; they learn that their grandfather is blind, that there is no Internet, and more. Characters are distinct and vividly depicted as Genie narrates his satisfying story. Two teens — one black, one white — grapple with the repercussions of a single violent act that leaves their school, their community, and, ultimately, the country bitterly divided by racial tension.

Written in tandem by two award-winning authors, this story shares the alternating perspectives of Rashad and Quinn as the complications from that single violent moment, the type taken from the headlines, unfold and reverberate to highlight an unwelcome truth. How will the trio deal with the fallout of that eventful night? The early years of a girl who grows into a writer has been recreated from family stories combined with memory and presented in verse.

Born in February in Ohio, Woodson's family soon moves to the South during turbulent years. The history of the writer, her family and a nation combine in rich, metaphorical language. There has hardly been a life in the last century that Eleanor Roosevelt has not affected, in one way or another. This "scrapbook" biography is filled with everything from photographs to her high school report card, as well as fascinating stories about life in and out of the White House.

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Our Eleanor gives us a remarkable perspective on a remarkable woman, and presents to a new generation an Eleanor to call its own. On the eve of the 40th anniversary of his assassination, this profile of President John F. Kennedy follows him from his privileged but sickly childhood all the way to the White House. Award-winning author Deborah Hopkinson traces the stories of the heroic young men and women who would not stand by as their country was occupied by a dangerous enemy.

The life of FBI director J.

Edgar Hoover is explored in Marc Aronson's fascinating non-fiction offering. To learn about Hoover is to learn about 20th-century American history. Who was Sara Rector and how did she become wealthy? She was born free in New York City during slavery and turmoil in the United States and went on to graduate from an all-white high school. Liberal use of quotes and numerous photographs bring the man, his accomplishments, and the times in which he lived into clear focus. The history of African Americans is also the history of the United States. Who were the abolitionists and what was their influence?

Primary source material and a crisp narrative combine to present a fascinating look at the events leading up to the Proclamation and the period in which it was created. Michael Shiner was born into slavery in Maryland but bought his freedom. He learned to read and write and thus detailed in his journal the history of Washington, DC.

Insightful and accessible, this is a well-documented and handsomely presented look at history. Cadence Sinclair Easton comes from an old-money family, headed by a patriarch who owns a private island off of Cape Cod. Each summer, the extended family gathers at the various houses on the island, and Cadence, her cousins Johnny and Mirren, and friend Gat the four "Liars" , have been inseparable since age eight.

During their fifteenth summer however, Cadence suffers a mysterious accident. The story, while lightly touching on issues of class and race, more fully focuses on dysfunctional family drama, a heart-wrenching romance between Cadence and Gat, and, ultimately, the suspense of what happened during that fateful summer. School Library Journal. Gretchen Yee, 16, feels painfully ordinary in a school where everyone is an overachiever.

She longs to understand what others think of her, and her wish to be a fly on the wall of the boys locker room comes true. She spends a week there observing her classmates, learning and seeing more than she ever expected. With this knowledge, Gretchen gains confidence, which ultimately allows her to be a better person. Although containing some strong language and mature situations, this novel is a good choice for teens who are unsure of their place in the world, including reluctant readers. Over the course of one summer, Frankie Landau-Banks, a somewhat geeky girl with an unassuming nature, has developed into a year-old with an attention-grabbing figure, a new attitude, and sights set on making changes at her elite boarding school.

The teenager also has a new boyfriend who belongs to a long-standing secret society on campus—The Loyal Order of the Basset Hounds, known mostly for silly pranks and a history of male-only membership. With a witty, sharp, and intelligently scheming mind, Frankie manipulates the Loyal Order to do her bidding with pranks meant to make a political statement about the male-dominated and classist nature of the school.

Through a series of social debacles, she loses her best friends, her boyfriend, her dignity, and the respect of her fellow Taters in less than two weeks' time. Following nearly half a dozen panic attacks, Roo starts to spend some quality time on Doctor Z.

Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book
Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book
Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book
Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book
Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book
Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book Orphan Train Riders Dannys New Life Historical Chapter Book

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