Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2)

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There is no need to book this self-guided trail — just come along between 11am and 3pm from Saturday 26th to Monday 28th and also on Halloween, Thursday 31st.

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The content of the trip may be too scary for some children, tickets will be sold at parents discretion only. Strobe lighting will be used. The Shape needs a disguise to give itself substance. This, of course, explains everything; The Shape cannot be killed because it is not a person but a supernatural entity.

This is the same reason it has inhuman strength enough to effortlessly strangle a German Shepherd with its bare hands and some power over its environment it seems able to lock and unlock doors from a distance. Not just its senseless murders, but the way it simply does strange things at times, such as when it appears in front of Linda wearing a ghost costume and then just stands there.


Or when, after dispatching another victim, it pauses and thoughtfully tilts its head back and forth, as though studying its handiwork. Or, for that matter, why is it targeting Laurie at all? The Shape, whatever its nature, is operating on a clearly alien mentality to anything we the audience can understand. The Shape represents evil itself, or at the least the potential for evil that lurks in every community.

This brings us to Haddonfield and its inhabitants.


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Likewise, Strode and her two friends are presented as perfectly normal teenagers, possibly the most convincing such ever to appear in a horror film. Laurie is smart and responsible, with a great relationship with her young charge, Tommy, but not above sharing a joint with Linda on her way to a babysitting job.

And she ends up the target of an unthinkably evil force, and for no other reason than that she happened to cross his path. The Shape follows her around town, silently watching her.

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When you feel in danger, but not enough to be really scared to make you break from routine, just enough to wonder. Halloween Writing Exercise entrant pdf - Discuss this script. Short, Horror, Noir - A private detective's investigation of a missing daughter leads to murder and a battle with a vampire. Cats by Steven Clark Short, Horror - A young girl averts tragedy when she finds a common link with her attacker. When one student discovers and unleashes an ancient entity, is bent on killing them.

Cell Mates by Anthony Cawood Short, Horror - A new inmate discovers she has a lot more to worry about than just her new cellmate when she finds out it's actually cell mates. The Change by Gabriel Moronta Mr. Ripley Short, Horror - A drug addict finally quits using drugs when he gets stuck in a elevator.

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  • Checkpoint Charlie by K. A little lost girl gets allured by a strange smell and a mysterious old lady to spend the night in. But when no one's watching, nothing is what it seems to be. The Child by Mr. Breakfast Short, Horror - After a brutal double murder, a police officer transports the only witness, a child, back to the police station.

    Limited location and only 3 actors, only 2 with lines. Her troubled past is the key to finding the murderer. Two teenagers find the truth as the clock strikes AM, but will it be too late? The Chocolatier by Anthony Hudson alffy Short, Horror - While the streets of London are being stalked by the blade of a serial killer, two detectives must investigate a strange note left at the station.

    Bloody far. Based on Cinderella pdf - Discuss this script. Especially on October thiry first. Cleanup Crew by Darren J Seeley DarrenJamesSeeley Short, Horror, Dark Comedy - In an unoccupied room, three present day hotel employees have to follow a strict set of rules and a ticking clock as they clean up a tub filled with blood, under the supervision of a phantom detective who died in the 's. Close the Door by Oscar Moreno Short, Horror - A girl pays the price for her absent-mindedness and discovers a dark secret about her life. Closed In by Gabriel Moronta Short, Horror - Three individuals seek justice on a serial killer when one of their loved ones joins his victims' list.

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    Noe Short, Horror, Comedy - Four friends accidentally unleash an ancient Native American Shamans curse, which turns them into flesh craving zombies. They go on a feeding frenzy in the tiny mountain town of Rolling Hills, TN, turning the townsfolk into flesh eaters as well, but two elderly friends take it upon themselves to defend the town and destroy the Shamans curse.

    Noe Short, Horror, Comedy - Colijah and Eustis, long time friends, take it upon themselves to protect the town of Rolling Hills, TN from flesh craving zombies, awakened after teens looking for a "unique" place to get high disturb the remains of an ancient Native American Shaman. Come Saturday Mourning by Sandra E. Watson Short, Horror, Young Adult - A greedy salesman falls further under the spell of money when he offers to assume the legacy of a haunted house, but his gold digging has repercussions- for his family and for the town. Condemned by Dena Mckinnon pale yellow Short, Horror, Gothic - In the dark times of Christianity, both the innocent and not so innocent find themselves condemned to death.

    Condemned Sanctuary by Malcom Bowman scoob Short, Horror, Gothic - A mother's candlelight vigil on the fifth anniversary of her son's death is interrupted by an unexpected guest.

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    Conversion by Henry Christner Stumpzian Short, Horror - A woman faces a point of no return while seeking treatment for a forgotten early trauma. The Conversion by Patrick King Short, Horror - A killer is approached by two demons and offered absolution, but the offer comes at a great price. Cooked by Chris Shamburger Sham Short, Horror - A this-or-that of urban legends as an old cat lady goes about her day. Coulrophobia by P. Cook Angry Bear Short, Horror - A young woman, suffering from coulrophobia gets stuck in an elevator with a clown.

    Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2) Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2)
    Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2) Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2)
    Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2) Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2)
    Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2) Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2)
    Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2) Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2)
    Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2) Ordinary Teenagers: Halloween in the Woods (Ordinary Teens Book 2)

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