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D&D 3.5 - Libris Mortis - The Book of Undead [OEF]

Ok, this is actually a tapeworm head, but still!

Wants: to bite the living. Warmth cannot feel warmth, but still wants it. Created by amateur necromancers and desperate spies, or by a hibernaculum starving to death. Can fit in a pouch or bag. Slithers slowly but inexorably. Not much of a threat individually, but they always seem to swarm.

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  • One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0);

Encounter: a room boot-deep with murky water, and a few corpse snakes. Encounter: a witch drops one down your chimney. Or puts one in your boot.

D&D 3.5 - Libris Mortis - The Book of Undead [OEF]

Or puts one in the stew. Not very smart. Armour: as leather. Move: normal Morale: 10 they sometimes forget they are dead and run away, but then forget why they are running. Damage: 1d6 pummeling. Toys made by amateur necromancers, or servants so utterly loyal that death is a minor impediment. Will scrub, polish, carry firewood, serve drinks, and hold torches without complaint. The merest spark of a soul inside, but enough to cause them to sneeze without a nose or itch a bit of bone.

The little twitches of life. Encounter: the Baron's old stable-hand died two days ago, but he crawled out of the grave and back to his station. The manor is abandoned. Something has to be done. Encounter: a pressure plate activates a host of servants with torches, platters, and chairs, setting a table for a feast.

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The table has long since rotted away to fragments and part of the floor is gone too. Prince of Persia concept art, source unknown 5 HD: War Spirit Appearance: a heap of armour and weapons and torn flags shaped like a person. A helm with two burning red eyes. Wants: to slaughter, to protect tombs and graveyards.

Has a territory. Armour: as plate Move: normal Morale: 12 Damage: see below. A war spirit is created when the last survivor of a doomed unit of soldiers dies. Banners flow together to form a shroud.

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Swords fuse into misshapen spikes, rings of chain run like water. The war spirit is a hideous, howling thing, and its howl is the shriek of betrayal and iron on iron.

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  8. Attacks: Each round, the War Spirit can perform one of three attack patterns. The War Spirit charges forward, swinging its blade in front of it, sending sparks flying. Any targets in front of it must Save vs. Dexterity or take 1d6 damage and be knocked prone. The War Spirit raises its head and roars. All creatures who can cover their ears must Save or take 1d6 damage. Anyone who can't automatically takes 1d6 damage. The first time this happens, PCs and hirelings must also make a Save vs. Fear or a Morale check.

    The War spirit moves towards a single enemy and swings down with a chopping blow, then swipes sideways.

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    Encounter: an ancient abandoned battlefield with a few raised zombies. Complete with sleepy rhymes and bright illustrations, this book is sure to delight children of all ages, from the very young to those just beginning to read. Virginia takes a job as a servant in a wealthy home to help her family. In this, her second diary chronicling the Civil War, Ginny learns that life is constantly changing. Within the magical gears of Lord Kelvin's incredible machine lies the secret of time. The deadly Dr. Ignacio Narbondo would murder to possess it and scientist and explorer Professor Langdon St.

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    This is a tale whispered to the undead. Its purpose: To teach that passion should not be the only reason for an immortal to choose a companion.

    No one knows the truth for how Franco, a fledgling just turned, could kill his beloved and her family. Was it love? Or was it the inevitable consequence of love rooted in nothing more than desire. One thing is for certain in this tragedy, the need to choose wisely. Written by a leading Dickens scholar, this key to the beloved storyteller's works first appeared in The definitive reference, it covers every novel, short story, play, and poem. In addition to extensive quotations from the original works, it features 26 illustrations and an Index to Characters with 1, entries.

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    One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0) One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0)
    One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0) One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0)
    One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0) One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0)
    One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0) One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0)
    One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0) One Caress: A Tale Among the Undead (0)

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