Moose Kisses

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Moose Returns

Location, location, location! They can be observed grazing and strolling, window-shopping, and bunking down for the night in Breckenridge yards, both alone and in groups. Back to the moose kisses. Some in Breckenridge have noticed their cars seem "cleaner" than they left them the night before.

Yes, cleaner is definitely in quotes here. Drawn by the salty road debris, some moose have taken to licking vehicles clean overnight. AKA moose kisses.

If you should be so lucky to have your car cleaned by these rouge car washing moose, please snap a photo and share with us here at Breckenridge Associates Real Estate. We cant get enough of this unexpected side effect of all this snow. Has anyone ever been helped with annoying phone calls by either of these entities?

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It's too bad they cant find a color more fitting to their predominantly male customer base. I enjoyed the article "Economy fine — for thrift shops", Oct. For example, St.

The shop, staffed by all volunteers, is open to the public every Wednesday from 9 a. Everyone is welcome. They should be rounded down. Before I realized what was going on, you and your friends had driven away. While I may not agree with my neighbor's political choices, I certainly respect them, and their right to erect however many signs they choose on THEIR property.

The passion I am seeing in this election is wonderful, but certainly not when it is brought down to this level.

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Moose Kisses Photograph by Stephanie Hanson

You trespassed in their yard and stole their property. What did you think you would accomplish by doing this? Do you think stealing signs will change anyone's mind?

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Your tactics will only serve to divide and perpetuate the "us against them" mentality, when what we need to find is common ground. Your "canvassing" techniques are a disgrace to the political party you support, un-American and illegal.

The Story of Kevin and Moose

Grow up, apologize and return the signs. It is refreshing to find someone in today's age who cares about the work they are doing and the results. For close to seven years, we have struggled with continual problems with our heating system.

Happiness at the moose park!

Service repair after service repair became costly and in the meantime, we were gulping oil. He corrected the problem, and listened to our concerns. Our furnace now runs more efficiently and quietly. I would highly recommend Jordan Signature Heating. Mikes in York.

Mystery auf HISTORY

When I rolled in with my gas tank way beyond empty and discovered my wallet was missing, Anna gave me a boost by loaning money from her personal stash. Thanks Anna, for your blind faith in the universe.

Moose Kisses Moose Kisses
Moose Kisses Moose Kisses
Moose Kisses Moose Kisses
Moose Kisses Moose Kisses
Moose Kisses Moose Kisses
Moose Kisses Moose Kisses
Moose Kisses Moose Kisses
Moose Kisses Moose Kisses

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