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The 10 Most Dangerous Animals in the World—And Where to Find Them

When the unstable Eva has a psychotic break, and attacks the people who rely on her for survival, only Marta can stand between Eva and the death of millions. But Marta is a healer, not a fighter. Little Deadly Things is set just a few years in the future, yet the story's technology comes directly from today's laboratories. Here is a chilling look at a future that is already on our doorstep-and a study of the two women who will decide the fate of mankind. Read more Read less. No customer reviews. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. September 8, - Published on Amazon.

Verified Purchase. Three kids, Eva, Marta and Joe grew up far from each other, but each especially Eva had horrible childhoods. When they meet they become instant friends. Joe and Marta hook up, marry and have a kid they name Dana. Eva feels left out in the cold especially since Joe is her best friend and she wants him herself. Joe keeps their relationship in the friend zone. Joe is a regular guy with an anger management issue. He finds calm by training dogs.

Marta is a brilliant botanist and "medicine woman" specializing in the healing abilities of plants in the rainforest. Eva is beyond brilliant and earns double doctorates in Chemistry and Computer Science. Her specialty is nano-medicine and she develops, patents, and sells many brilliant products becoming the richest woman in the world. She also invents new ways of purifying water, cleaning the environment and even an internal dialysis machine.

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Eva is also more than a little psychotic and insists on taking revenge for every slight or imagined slight. This goes back to her traumatic childhood and I can almost understand her need for revenge. As she becomes more and more unhinged she uses her gifts to kill many people. It would spoil the enjoyment of the book to say what happens next, but suffice it to say, it is exciting, well written, interesting and plausible. January 16, - Published on Amazon. I was a little put off by the first half of this book which delved into the three main characters' past lives and was mainly for setting the stage, so to speak.

Even though this information was necessary but probably a tad too long , the writing was good and the story never bored me. So, I kept on reading and was really glad I did.

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I had a feeling this author would not let me down. At about the half way mark, the story really took off. It became clear why the author had written so much background information--the characters' early lives were crucial in making them who they became, and this drove the story in an obvious manner. In a way, I am glad the background information was all in the beginning of the book. As the story progressed and I could not set the book down, I am glad that the author did not keep returning to the past to cause distraction.

This story is like none I have ever read. The storyline is fascinating, something totally new for me. It was well thought out and the science was researched and accurate, as far as I could tell.


It is obvious that this author spent a great deal of time researching his facts. This added to the enjoyability and believability of the story. I was riveted to my Kindle and could not close it until I reached the story's end--a very good ending, I must add. If you like science-oriented fiction with a strong believability factor, you will love this book!

Fun for all! September 9, - Published on Amazon. Little Deadly Things is a techno-thriller revolved around three of the most carefully crafted characters I've had the privilege of meeting. Taking Eva, Marta, and Jim from their tragic youths, brought together through the same charity, given because of their remarkable minds, the three become fast friends. But while you are visiting the Land of Smiles, keep an eye out for some dangerous animals. When in Thailand, expect to spot a snake in the country area, downtown, and urban Thailand.

You may encounter one in grassy lands, canals, rivers, or any good hiding places like garages. You will see a variety of snakes from both harmless to venomous snakes, and passive hiders to aggressive attackers.

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King Cobras are very commonly found in Thailand. They are easy to detect as they keep their heads raised and have a hood under the head. They are as big as 5 meters and may seem very scary. Watch out for Baby King Cobra as they can be more dangerous than adults and can put loads of venom in the body when biting. Stay far, far away from the Spitting Cobras. They can spit venom in the eyes from as long as 3 meters away.

These super venomous snakes are super accurate at throwing. They deliberately target the eyes so the cytotoxins and neurotoxins from the venom can blind the threat. Monocled Cobras are the deadliest snakes. They are more than seven feet long and are amazingly swift at striking. You may identify them by the round shapes on the back of their hoods. The victims of Monocled Cobras have the highest fatality rate. Before heading out, wear bottoms that cover your legs.

Also, wear long boots. If you must walk in tall grass, take a stick with you and keep hitting it on the ground. On encountering, most snakes will run away. Never attack a snake or try to scare it away. If it is an aggressive one, it will not go away and attack instead. If you are bitten, rush to the nearest hospital or call for help. The hospitals in Thailand treat more than snake bites each year.

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So, you will be in good hands. If help is too far away, wash the wound with soap and water, and tie a bandage above the area to stop the poison from spreading. You may find them both indoors and outdoors hiding under rocks or logs or sneaking in your shoes or clothing.

If you encounter one, stay away as it will most likely bite you. Giant centipedes have specially adapted front legs that act like pincers to inject venom.

If you get bitten, expect to be in immense pain for the next few days. It is recommended to visit a hospital instantly. You will be treated with pain killers and anti-tetanus, as required. In case that help is too far away, wash the bite mark with water. To soothe the pain, you can use ice. Thank God for their huge size, the giant centipedes are really easy to detect and avoid in day-time. But be careful during the night. Always give your shoes and clothing a light shrug before putting them on. Scorpions look so scary but most of them are harmless.

Even in Thailand, the scorpions are mostly harmless. Black Scorpions are the most commonly found scorpions in Thailand. If they do sting you, the sting will feel like a bee sting.

In Thailand, the scorpions are sometimes as big as a hand. It is believed that scorpions are attracted by the smell of stale beer. Scorpions are nocturnal creatures , so you may not find them in the daylight.

Little Deadly Things Little Deadly Things
Little Deadly Things Little Deadly Things
Little Deadly Things Little Deadly Things
Little Deadly Things Little Deadly Things
Little Deadly Things Little Deadly Things
Little Deadly Things Little Deadly Things

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