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That required recording systems custom-built from commercial components. The Event Horizon Telescope team has already outfitted one newcomer this way: the Greenland Telescope, which came online for the program's observation campaign. The addition posed its own challenges: The telescope was originally built as a prototype for the dishes of ALMA, then outfitted to withstand the cold, shipped up to Greenland and set up as part of the Event Horizon Telescope. That addition improved the team's observations of the northern part of M87, stretching the array's coverage northward.

Another upcoming addition, of the Kitt Peak Telescope in Arizona, will strengthen the array in the opposite way, partnering with the nearby Submillimeter Telescope to offer scientists some redundancy, helping the team calibrate the observations. While there are plenty of schemas for how to arrange a collection of networked instruments, the team isn't really all that picky — more telescopes will always help their resolution, no matter where they are.

But there's no reason the Event Horizon Telescope will always need to be Earth-bound.

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Currently, there are no submillimeter telescopes in orbit, but some team members are looking into proposing just such an instrument. And perhaps a space-based contributor would address some of the mundane challenges that haunt Marrone and his colleagues during their quest to see what can't be seen. That's because the process requires gathering data, multiplying it thousands of times, and then clarifying a perfect sine wave, rhythmic and symmetrical, from it.

The culprits can range from someone stepping on a cable or jumping near an atomic clock, to the wind blowing too strongly or two pieces of metal touching each other when they shouldn't. Story Score. Grammar Score. Character Score. Review Content. Submit Cancel.

Squandered Opportunities by Adammax Friday, 29 June This review may contain minor spoilers, you have been warned. Start is good rest is in my opinion not very good.

MC is OP All balancing handicaps are completely negated early on. MC is made inteligent, by making every one around him stupid. MC is malicious and mean, having all the characteristics of a spoiled brat such as: Overleveled weapon he gets for free Never loses Harem of desperate yes girls Takes undeserved moral high ground Moral bankrupty thinly disguised as pragmatism. Better than vrmmo life by piono92 Wednesday, 27 February Chapter 6 being the most recent as of this post by Cottony Saturday, 22 April I enjoyed reading this by DivineCat Monday, 07 January I enjoyed reading this Theme Select Dark Light.

Need some help? Create a support ticket. Book I Prologue - Dying Light. Chapter 1 - Abandon Ship. Chapter 2 - Interview. Chapter 3 - Enter the Game. Chapter 4 - Choose Your Path. Chapter 5 - Game Start. Chapter 6 - Learning Your Place. Chapter 7 - The Escape, Part I. Chapter 9 - The Ship. Chapter 10 - The Girl.

Into the Black

Book I Epilogue - Patch Notes. Chapter 11 - Special Delivery. Chapter 12 - Auction Night on Choson Ring. Chapter 13 - Rules of Acquisition. Chapter 14 - Mindy Lou's Brew.

The Big Questions

Chapter 15 - Public Relations. Chapter 16 - Dark Net Connection. Chapter 17 - Getting Out of Dodge. Chapter 18 - Navy Problems. Chapter 19 - Settling In. Chapter 20 - Those Who Follow. Chapter 21 - Close Quarters. Chapter 22 - Fleet Base Bagthara. Chapter 23 - Decisions and Retail Therapy.

Chapter 24 - 'Black Don' Ramirez. Chapter 25 - Todea. Chapter 26 - Smuggler's Reach.

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Chapter 27 - Poker Night Denied. Chapter 28 - Red Orchids Return. Chapter 29 - Aggressive Negotiations. Chapter 30 - Through the Gate.

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Chapter 31 - Local Color. Chapter 32 - Sand in My Chapter 33 - Smuggler's Blues. Chapter 34 - The Missing Harvester. Chapter 35 - The Sietch. Chapter 36 - Honor less Fight. Chapter 37 - Tradition. Chapter 38 - Return to keen-Arra. Chapter 39 - Ambushed. Chapter 40 - Ever Onward. Book V Prologue - Trade Chat. Chapter 41 - Quarantine Zone. Chapter 42 - Charybdis Station. Chapter 43 - The Heist, Pt 1. Chapter 44 - The Heist, Pt 2. Chapter 45 - Return to Charybdis.

Can Black Holes Transport You to Other Worlds? | Live Science

Chapter 46 - The Shipyard. Chapter 47 - Shadowdancer. Chapter 48 - The Market. Chapter 49 - Evacuation. Chapter 50 - Exterminatus. Book V Epilogue - Patch Notes 5. Chapter 51 - Concerted Chaos. Chapter 52 - Tarpit. Chapter 53 - Valkyries' Test. Chapter 54 - Spoils. Chapter 55 - Dimiya. Chapter 56 - Night on the Town. Chapter 57 - Upgrades.

Into the Black Into the Black
Into the Black Into the Black
Into the Black Into the Black
Into the Black Into the Black
Into the Black Into the Black
Into the Black Into the Black
Into the Black Into the Black
Into the Black Into the Black

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