A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale

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Furthermore, the paranormal experts say they have detected something ethereal at many of the locations.

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Two of the most perplexing sightings have occurred in a clothing store and the local lighthouse that is now a museum. He died on the job from a heart attack while standing next to a rack of pants. The lighthouse, now a part of the Marquette Maritime Museum, has a long history of being haunted by a ghost who appears to be a girl of about four-years-old.

An employee of the museum says she has seen the apparition several times, others have seen the little girl looking out a 2nd-floor window, and both a museum guide and a visitor on a tour of the building saw the ghost on the light tower stairway. Many more have heard childhood giggles while in the lighthouse.

When a mother and her three-year-old son visited the city, they drove past the museum several times. When asked, the boy said he was playing with Jessie. Some years ago the lighthouse was repainted, and after painting the floor in one room the painters took a break to let the paint dry. When they returned they discovered small footprints of a child dried in the paint. The footprints can still be seen today. If you are moved to buy one of the above books, the easiest method is to hover over the book cover and click your mouse.

It will take you directly to a listing of the book on Amazon. Thursday, February 1, Post Quote for the day: "God, you've got a job on your hands in Detroit. I became a devoted Red Wings fan in the late s when a Detroit TV station broadcast live the last period of Wings home games. Instead of constantly asking, pleading, or demanding donations in return for prayers, as the TV ministers did, the seemingly immortal hockey god, wearing a number nine Red Wing jersey, gave of himself.

On the ice and off he always gave his best, for the team, the city, his fans, and the game.

He became known simply as Mr. Hockey, the best player who ever laced up a pair of hockey skates.


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He was a beloved presence in the game and the hearts of hockey fans even after he retired. When he died in the hockey world mourned and his adoring family gathered together and found strength from the incredible private life they shared with a loving man they all idolized. Gordie Howe's youngest son, Murray was tapped by the family to eulogize his father. This book is a moving, tender, funny, and deeply affectionate account of Murray's reflection on his life as Gordie's son as he prepared his father's eulogy. Gordie spent his last year living with Murray and his family, and Murray, looking back on the experience, saw it as the best year of his life.

The book is a wonderful tribute to a man who fans worshipped for his accomplishments on the ice and interaction with them off the ice. But only a few close friends and his family knew the extraordinary family man and humanitarian giant he was in private life. Murray idolized his father, and held him in awe.

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It took years for Murray to realize what he really wanted to be was as great a father as Gordie and that the best hockey player in the world was an even better person off the ice. Murray reveals that his father probably suffered from dyslexia and was teased unmercifully in grade school whenever he was called on to read out load. Gordie seemed to channel that embarrassment into hours and hours of skating on western Canadian ponds and rivers. He also never forgot being bullied and woe to the player on the opposing team who picked on Gordie's teammates.

Both Gordie and his wife, Colleen set sterling examples of behavior for their children, and backed up their parental role models with talks on personal conduct and behavior. Murray was often at his side as Gordie treated every fan as a friend. He always had time for the public and he treated every person he talked to as, at that moment, the most important person in the world.

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Gordie was always more interested in a person's character than their financial standing. He often told his son that, "It doesn't cost anything to be nice to someone. Whenever Gordie was lavished with praise he always told Murray, "you're only as good as your next game.

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No one believed him, so he bet each kid a buck Gordie was his dad, and the rag-tag bunch of boys followed him up to where his mother was sitting. He told Colleen that the boys didn't believe he was Gordie Howe's son and asked mom to set them straight.

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In so many words she said, "I don't know who you are young man, but if you don't leave me alone I'm calling the police. Murray says "He absorbed their happiness, multiplied it, and reflected it right back at them. The year-old hurried over and inserted himself between the kid and the last cart, and pushed the carts back to the store while the somewhat embarrassed young man trailed behind. Murray rushed over, and told the kid who the guy was who just stepped into his job. The young man was ecstatic with joy that Gordie Howe had just given him a hand.

The cart corraler pulled out his cell phone and took several selfies with a smiling Gordie Howe draping an arm around the kid's shoulder. The book is filled with memorable stories, many touching, and most of them funny. Gordie set the perfect example of savoring every day and enjoying it to the fullest, never taking himself seriously, and being unbelievably humble. Email Newsletter. Log In. Toggle navigation MENU. Email Address. A lighthearted novel that makes for a fine summertime diversion. Review Posted Online: Oct.

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    A YOOPER'S SUMMER on ISLE ROYALE by April Beveridge on Prezi

    Add to Registry. Two friends from Michigans Upper Peninsula brave Lake Superior to spend a summer on Isle Royale, where they find trouble with authorities, love with local girls, and rule-breaking adventure. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer.

    A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale
    A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale
    A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale
    A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale
    A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale
    A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale
    A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale A Yooper’s Summer on Isle Royale

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